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Aston, Erdington, Saltley & Sutton Schools' Football Association


Aston, Erdington and Saltley S.F.A.

1964 National Champions

The Erdington & Saltley Schools Football Association was formed in 1964, merging the old separate associations of Saltley and Erdington, whose origins go back many years. Certainly Erdington & Saltley’s greatest district team success came in that year when they beat Chester Le Street, in a two legged final, to become the U15 National Inter Association Champions. At school level the greatest success to date was when Washood Heath became National U16 Champions beating City of Portsmouth Boys 2 - 1 in the final held at St.Andrews.

Washwood Heath U16
National Champion

The number of original member schools has reduced over the years due to school closure. In 1975 a number of schools left the association to form Solihull S.F.A.  Sutton Schools have  joined and in 2010 Aston secondary schools joined the association enlarging the number of member schools to 30 with one college (Birmingham Metropoloitan, which was previously Sutton College)

Ian Taylor & Lee Hendrie
at Wembley

Although a small association, Erdington and Saltley in the past along with Aston Schools,   has competed, and regularly challenged for trophies against larger associations. Originally running teams at U13 and U15 level in the Birmingham District and Warwickshire competitions, the association now runs teams at all secondary age groups and competes in the Warwickshire, West Midlands, English Schools Divisional and National competitions.

Over the years, the association has achieved success at district team, school, and individual levels as can be seen in the honours section of this web site.

Professional Footballers


  • Gabriel Abonahalor (St. Edmund Campion)
  • Lee Hendrie (Washwood Heath)
  • Terry Cooke (Washwood Heath)
  • Darren Byfield (St.Edmund Campion)
  • Ian Taylor (Washwood Heath)
  • Darius Vassell (John Willmott)
  • Gary Shaw (Kingshurst)
  • Noel Blake (Alderlea)
  • Jason Kavanagh (Washwood Heath)
  • Carl Saunders (Washwood Heath)
  • Jason Whyte (Washwood Heath)
  • Issiah Osborne (Kingsbury)
  • Julian Dicks (Washwood Heath)
  • Zeeshan Rehman (Heartlands)
  • Steve Cooper (Washwood Heath)
  • Marlon Broomes (Perry Common)
  • Luke Moore (Hodge Hill)
  • Stefan Moore (Hodge Hill)
  • Mark Ricketts (St.Edmund Campion)
  • Mark Burke (St Edmund Campion)
  • Paul Devlin (Perry Common)
  • Paul Brown (Washwood Heath)
  • Darren Roberts (Perry Common)
  • Tony Capaldi (John Willmott)
  • O'Neil Donaldson (Marsh Hill)
  • Simon Sturridge (Duddeaton Manor)
  • Anthony Briscoe (John Willmott)
  • Issiah Osborne (Kingsbury)
  • Barry Bannan (St Edmund Campion)

Jason Kavanagh (England U15, U16, &U18)



Paul Brown with
England Cap (England U15, U16, U18 & U19)


Terry Cooke (England U15, U16,U18,U19, & U21)


                                    Carl Saunders

(Out of interest, Ron Atkinson played for the old Saltley Schools when he attended Lea Village School!)

Original Members of Erdington & Saltley Schools F.A. 1964

  • Alderlea Boys (closed)
  • Abbey (closed became St Edmund Campion)
  • Alston Boys (closed merged with Washwood Heath)
  • Erdington Boys (Jaffray, closed)
  • Hodge Hill Mixed
  • Lea Village Boys (Mirfield, closed)
  • Moor End (Orchard merged with Paget,now Kingsbury)
  • Nechells (closed)
  • Leigh Boys (closed)
  • Paget Secondary (closed merged with Orchard)
  • Rosary R.C. (closed)
  • St Vincents R.C. (closed)
  • Slade Road Boys (closed)
  • Sladefield Secondary (closed)
  • Duddeston Manor (Heartlands)
  • Stockland Green
  • Marsh Hill Technology (closed)
  • Boldmere High (closed merged with Riland Bedford)
  • Riland Bedford (Plantsbrook)
  • Kingshurst ( C.T.C. Solihull association)
  • Park Hall (Solihull association)
  • Coleshill High (merged with Coleshill G.S.)
  • Coleshill Grammar School (now Coleshill School, Solihull association)
Present Membership (2015)

Aston U. E. Academy

Arthur Terry (previously Walsall association)

Aston Manor (previously Aston association)

Birmingham Metropolitan College (previously Sutton College)

Bishop Vesey

Bishop Walsh

Broadway (previously Aston association)

Cardinal Wiseman (previously Aston association)


George Dixon (previously Aston association)

Great Barr (previously Aston association)

Greenwood Academy (Castle Vale)

Hampstead Hall (previously Aston association)

Handsworth Grammar School (previously Aston association)

Heartlands Academy (previously Duddeston Manor)

Hodge Hill

Holte (previously Aston association)

Holyhead (previously Aston association)

John Willmott

Kingsbury School

King Edwards Grammar School (previously Aston association)

Nishkam High

North Birmingham Academy ( previously College High, Perry Common)

Park View

Perry Beeches (previously Aston association)

Perry Beeches II

Perry Beeches III

Perry Beeches IV

Perry Beeches V


St,. Edmund Campion

St. John Wall (previously Aston association)


Stockland Green

Washwood Heath

Past District Representative Squads ( *denotes County Player)

The lists below are based on available data. Apologies if names have been omitted. Please contact me if you have further information to help update.


1964 – 65

1964 – 66

1964 –67

Graham Cooper (M.E.)

Paul Coton (Ald)

Stan Kundry (Abb)

Steve Lea (Lea V)

Malcolm Keeley (Ald)

David Powell (Lea V)

Paul Bloodworth (Bo)

Brian Smith (HH)

Tony Jinks (Ald)

Robert Gough (Lea V)

John Nolan (Ros)

Alan Merrick (Col)

Graham Alner (King)








1964 -68

1964 – 69

1965 - 70

Alan Whitehead (Als)*

Phillips (Als)*

John Donnolly (RB)

Mick Peckover (Col)

Alan Cashmore (SG)

Warhurst (RB)*

Dave Eagle (WH)

Beatty (BW)

Dolphin (MH)

Thornton (BW)

Marsden (ME)

Edwards (King)

Walker (King)

Hanlon (BW)

Carr (BW)

Bell (HH)

Wiseman (Nas)

Day (DM)

Irvine (DM)

Keyse (MH)



Manager: Brian Hickey

1966 – 71

1967 – 72

1968 – 73

Steve McIndoe*

Jess Partridge

Graham Hanlon (BW)

Carl Buffrey*

Steve Howes*

Paul Hughes


Ronnie Spiers*
















Paul Carr

Kevin Thornton

Nigel Dyer

Roy Brandreth (PH)

Sullivan (WH)

Mouter (Ne)

N. Perry (CV)*

Small (MH)*

Cooper (PH)*

Roberts (DM)

Wright (Bo)

Gary Stevens (CV)*

Lloyd Maitland (SG)*

O’Brien (BO)*

Sweeney (BW)

Young (CV)*

Ward (BW)

Nash (DM)

Pete Pearl (WH)

S. Perry (WH)

Arculus (WH)

McGuire (ST T)

Smith (MH)

Cronin (PC)

Harrison (PC)

Carlo Rossi (AG)


Manager : Colin Morris

Manager Brian Hickey

Manager: John Deardon

1969 – 74

1970 – 75

1971 - 76

Ken Freeman (WH)

Smith (MH)

McLoughlin (WH)

Barry Linocor (WH)

Michael Orr (WH)

Byrne (PH)

Maynard (PH)

Hewston (PH)

Hunt (AG)

Moore (AG)

Snape (AG)

Stillgoe (AG)

Doogan (BW)

Donlan (BW)

Grove (DM)

Kavanagh (Nas)

Binks (King)

Hall (King)

Mallyon (King)

Francis (King)

Armstrong (WH)

Parkes (DM)

Parry (DM)

Hevingham (WM)*

Hollingsworth (WM)

Sherwin (DM)

Ward (WM)

Simons (PH)

Morley (ME)

Gough (Bo)

Kent (Ne)

Roberts (MH)

 Chris Knight (HH)

Mark Young (CV)

Steve Bissell (Ald)*

Tom Jones (HH)*

Nigel Hinson (SW)*

John Thorne

Neil Murrell

John Organ

Mark Bishop


Micky Bennett (WH)

Gary Graham (WH)

Phil Jones (WH)

Andy Lee

Richard Brade (Nan)*

Gary Barker

Larry May (Bol) *

Keith Smith (HH)

Brian Hogan (WH)

Tony Fearon (WH)

Michael Gibbons (WM)*

Paul Thomas (WH)

Stuart Allen (WH)

Jimmy Guinivan (WH)

Barry Wing (Ne)

Manager : Gerry Robinson

Manager: Colin Morris / Loz Gordon

Manager : George Ferguson

1972 – 77

1973 – 78

1974 – 79

Gary Roche (Ald)

Mick Grigg (MH)

T. Cheeseman (MH)*

J.Houghton (SD)

C.Davis (SD)

KIim Casey (MH)*

Derek Duggan (HH)*

Alan Ollis (HH)*

S. McDonald (CV)

R.Barratt (Pag)

J. Gibson (CV)

D. Moore (SW)

N.Lynch (Bo)

P.Stone (King)

P. Day (DM)

Gary Shaw (King)

Carter (Ald)

Beale (DM)

R.Lott (MH)

J. Moran (DM)

C. Murdoch (DM)

Herman Wilson (Ald)*

Sandeford (MH)

A Colley (MH)

Noel Blake (Ald)*

Maurice Wright (ME)*

L Chambers

Steve Sanders (WH)

Clarke (Ald)


R. Mason (Ald)

Armstrong (HH)

Canning (Ald)

Brazier (Mir)

Venables (Ald)*

Radway (Nas)*

A. Johnson (WM)

Whipps (WM)

Carson (WM)


G Ford

N. Watts (PC)

P. Hughes (Ald)

D. Mason (PC)

J. Shakespeare (CV)

Tony Hadland (PC)*

A Walker (DM)

H. Reavon (Jaf) *

A Savage (Ald)

Warren Plows (WH)

Greg Bennett (WH)

J. Sullivan (MH)

L. Loutche (Mir)

Tony Wright (DM)

Chis Seaton (DM)*

G. Griffiths (HH)

P. Allen (HH)

Manager: Fred Cork

Manager: Gerry Robinson /

Mike McDermott

Manager: Robin Russell /

Joe Baxter /Phil Hemming

1975 – 80

1976 – 81

1977 – 82

Anthony Ling (CV)*

Robert Woodford (DM)

Paul McDowall (CV)

Terry Ollis (HH)

Steve Ingram (WH)

Brian Fox (EC)

Mark McGlynn (EC)

John Shakespeare (CV)

Adam West (HH)

John Sullivan (MH)

Lawrence Taylor (Ald)

Norbert Wilson (Ald)

Steve Cooper (WH)

Frank Coulson (WH)

Silyvan Collins (Jaf)

Tony Fennell (Mir)

Ernest Dias (HH)

Stuart Mills (CV)

Dave Mayson (ME)

Colin Sharrad(HH)

Scott (CV)

Willets (HH)

Ian Bennett (DM)

D. Whyte (Ald)

Rob Fearn

As U15s

U13s West Mids Champions

Trevor Campbell (Ros)*

Stuart Smart (CV)

Brent Taylor (WH)

Simon Sutor (MH)*

Royston Cope (WH)

Steve Roberts (WH)

Barry Osbourne (WH)

Shane Ward (MH)

Andrew Bailey (WH)*

Carl Saunders (WH)*

Paul Brown (WH)*

Mark Pinney (WE)

Martin Howells (HH)*

John Lynch (EC)

Pat McCarthy (EC)

C. Westwood (WM)

Lee Williams (King)

C.Pendley (WM)

S.Softley (WM)

David Handy (WM

U16 West Midlands Champions

David Harewood (WH)*

Darren Clayton (PC)*

Paul Kelly (WH)*

Hunt (PC)*

Humphries (HH)*

Luigi Belcuore (WH)

Fox (Ald)

Atterbury (CV)

Doyle (MH)

McBennett (MH)

Williams (ME)

Hussain (Nas)

Lynch (Ros)

Burford (EC)

Caulfield (EC)

Tait (HH)

White (HH)

Manager: Glen Latimer /

Mick Wright

Manager: Pete Mortiboys

Manager: Arnie Evans

1978 – 83

1979 – 84

1980 – 85

Mark Averill

Noel Johnson (MH)

Dean Brown (WH)

Dave Dunbar (MH)

Wayne Buckland (PC)

A.Wilcox (PC)

John Pearson (PC)

Dennis Mulholland (WH )

Derek Christopher (WH)*

Neil Copper (PC)

S. Heitsman (PC)

Ian O’Cleary (WH)

Derek Hoare (DM)

Steven Hill (WH)

G. Watson (DM)

Michael McGinty (EC)

Michael Cronin (EC)

Navin (MH)

Glaze (MH)

Colin Peters (SG)

Dennis Seaton (DM)

Isadore Duru (EC)

Averill (PC)

Murchington (PC)

Lynch (EC)

Ray Wilson (WH)

U15 West Midlands Champions

Nigel Plows (WH)

Demonte (Ald)

Mark Pass (WH)

Marcus Egan (EC)*

Ian Taylor (WH)

Martin Weir (WH)

Julian Dicks (WH)

Gary Love (PC)*

Sturdy (BW)

Tate (Jaf)

Maloney (BW)

Kevin Coulson (WH)

Frome (BW)

Adkins (HH)

Rutter (PC)

Paul Handsaker (EC)

Mullen (EC)

Spoffard (EC)

Baljit Singh (WH)

Burke (EC)

Smith (EC)

Campion (Nas)

Rob Emery (Pag)

Dawson (Ros)

Mick Hayes (Ros)

Gary Montgomery (CV)

Rod Steele (CV)*

Adam Whitehouse (BW)

Young (Jaf)

Dean Bevan (CV)

Phil Steer (MH)

Mark Burke (EC)*

Lawrence Mellors (EC)

Michael Lindon(EC)

Steve Silvester (Jaf)

Lewis (HH)

Nicholas Tennant (WH)

Gardiner (HH)

Victor Glendinning (WH)

Brendan McCarthy(EC)

Ian Malcolm (MH)

Manager: Tim Holland

Manager: Joe Baxter /

John McMullan

Manager: Kim White

1981 – 86

1982 – 87

1983 – 88

Derek Dudley (PC)

Steve McCarton (EC)

Lyndon Reeves (PC)

Tony Hadden (PC)

David MuCahy (WH)

Des Sievewright (WH)

Paul Davis (EC)*

Dave Conway (MH)

Andrew Taylor (WH)

O’Neil Donaldson(MH)*

Paul Palmer (MH)

Darren Roberts (PC)

Pat Daley (Orc)

Jason Hackett (PC)

Dean Allison (PC)

Scott Sprossan (MH)

Simon Sturridge (DM)*

Gary steer (EC)

U16 West Midlands Champions

Dean Kennedy (DM)

Anthony Abbley (WH)

Simon Marley (CV)

Michael Cook (WH)

Tony Beddows (WH)

Martin Canning (WH)

Simon Cooke (WH)

Nigel Jones (WH)

Simon Cooke (WH)

Steve Brennan (EC)

Michael Tobbin (Sal)

Chris Moore (EC)

Dave Mowatt (WH)

Daniel Lafferty (EC)

Terry Andrews (WH)

Michael McCormack (EC)

Jason Kavanagh (WH)*

Jack Entwhistle (WH)

Roy Jeffers (WH)

Jason Whyte (WH)*

Andrew Quinn (EC)*

Michael Clarke (WH)

Len Coppage (WH)

Mark Kavanagh (JW)

Ian Bennett (PC)

Chris Martin (EC)

Leon Coppage (WH)

Derek Hall (WH)

John Robson (JW)

U16 West Midlands Champions

Manager: Pete Mortboys

Manager: Brian Knowles

Manager: Pete Mortiboys

1984 – 89

1985 – 90

1986 – 91

Ian Hunt (JW)

Gerard Eavers (EC)

Jones (PC)

Neil Hanslow (JW)

Mark Coogan(WH)

Ian Tyrrell (EC)

Chris Hodges (JW)

Dean Wright (EC)

Paul Cooke (WH)

Dean Russell (JW)

Armstrong (JW)

Paul Handsaker (EC)

Mark Turner (JW)

Darren Brown (WH)

Jason Charlesworth (Jaf)

Mark Mardenborough (WH)

Mark McGeeney (EC)

Richard Brown (CV)

Mario Wall (CV)

David O’Connor (EC)*

Jason Darkes (PC)*

Emlyn Turner (WH)

Jim Steer (SG)

Carl Blunt (CV)

Mark Bailey (SG)

Lee Horrocks (EC)

David Dunne (HH)

Lloyd Grosse (Jaf)

Rocky McGlynn (EC)

Lee Austin (King)

Paul Manton (WH)

Domonic O’Rourke (BW)

Stuart Gamble (WH)

Jason Wager (SG)

Chris Brown (EC)*

Anthony Billingham (HH)

Peter Woodward (WH)

Michael McDermott (EC)

Shane Palmer (SG)

Ben Hickey (BW)

Paul Byrne (EC)

Deon Parker (Sal)

Jason McGuire (Sal)

Gordon Jarratt (WH)

Richard Jones (EC)

George Woodward (CV)

David Malpas (WH)

Paul Burns (WH)

Danny Gallagher (EC)

Mark Appleby (PB)

Mark Kavanagh (EC)

John Jacob (King)

Manager: Dai Roberts

Manager: Dave Colvin

Manager: Pete Mortiboys

1987 – 92

1988 – 93

1989 -94

Craig Constable (HH) `

Aaron Townsend (WH)

Darren Roberts (HH)

David Checkley (WH)

Trevor Jones (WH)

Terry Cooke (WH)*

Marcus Hoo (EC)

Gordon Thomas (HH)

Terry Griffiths (HH)*

Stuart McCleod (JW)

Michael Lewis (EC)

Michael Spooner (Jaf)

Clifford Folder (Fax)

Gerard Egan (EC)

Tony Dunbar (Jaf)

Paul Kellas (HH)

Pritpal Jhutty (WH)

Lee Fisher (WH)

P.Cooper (BW)

Matthew Farner (HH)

Ian Jones (HH)*

Anthony Carr (EC)

James McKeever (EC)

Duncan Swadkins (HH)

Malik Akhtar (WH)

Steve Beehan (BW)

Paul Johnson (EC)

Darren Henry (EC)

Liam Delaney (EC)

Lee Hendrie (WH)

Justin Floyd (PC)

Darren Byfield (EC)*

Mark Peters (JW)

Andrew Neenan (BW)

Chris Davies (WH)

Andrew Cameron (HH)

Pete Atkins (EC)

Alex Ryder (HH)

U15 West Mids Finalists

As U15s

Lee McFarland (King)

Dean Lawrence (WH)

Jon Miley (WH)

Gary Walsh (BW)

Chris Wilson (Fax)

Ian Gibson SG)

Anthony Downes (WH)

Mark Austin (King)

Marlon Brooms (PC)

Lee Powers (WH)

Mark Gamble (WH)

Delton Francis (PC)

Neil Symonds (WH)

Andrew Hamilton (BW)

M. Brown (EC)

S.Morell (PB)

Darren McSherry (WH)

D.Ray (PC)

U16 West Midlands Finalists

Manager: Geoff Green

Manager: Pete Mortiboys

Manager: Phil Jones

1990 – 95

1991 – 96

1992 – 97

Richard Hackett (EC)

Pete Fearn (CV)

Neil Bennett (CV)

Simon Bevan (WH)

Rory Brown (HH)

James Boylan (EC)

Chris Eagan (EC)

Paul Jackson (EC)

Paul Brown (HH)

Clinton Thomas (PC)

Adam Connor (HH)

Dean Allsop (PC)

Marlk Lamb (CV)

Kerry Curtis (CV)

Jermaine Dale (WH)

Richard Allen (WH)

Mark Ricketts (EC)

Lee Hunter (JW)

David Commander (PB)

Adam Washbrook (BW)

Craig Mee (BW)

Jamie Russell (JW)

Adrian Mahon (SG)

Lee Plant (BW)

Scott Leydon (BW)

Christian Hipkiss (BW)

Darius Vassell (JW)

Charlie Carpenter (BW)

Bernard Arnold (EC)

Darren Stevens (WH)

Dominic Cattermole (PC)

Terry Kellyman (SG)

Tim Rushton (HH)

Phil Hickinbottom (JW)

Liam Cole (HH)

Warren Spiers (JW)

Ian Hicks (WH)

Gary Hughes

Simon Storer

Dave Dennis

Dean Baker

Trevor Elcox (WH)

Phil Heaton (WH)

Anthony Robinson (WH)

Steve Giblin (PC)

Nathan Moran (CV)

Tony Capaldi (JW)

Neil Watkns (EC)

Robert Burns (EC)

David Harding (BV)

Kensley Hewitt (JW)

Steve Coniff (HH)

Richard Stack (HH)

Anthony Stokes (BW)

Simon Landsbury (CV)

Michael Stanley (HH)

Dean Smith (CV)

Mark Wright (BW)

Darren Cawser

Paul Wooldridge

Simon Kennedy

Lee Roche

Paul David

Lee McNamara

Lloyd Loveridge (CV)

Steven Lacey

Akeel Afsar (WH)

Mherban Shah (WH)

Manager: Dave Colvin

Manager: Geoff Green

Manager: Lee Jones

1993 – 98

1994 – 99

1995 - 00

Luke Farrington (HH)

Adam Wood (JW)

Carl Siddaway (PB)

Simon Campbell (JW)

Adam Shakespeare (HH)

Andrew McLinden (EC)

Lee McMullan (WH)

Suni Richards (SG)

Richard Woodley (JW)

Marlon Thomas (SG)

Levi McKoy (WH)

Andrew Williams (WH)

Steve Bryan (BW)

Andrew Byfield (EC)

James Trowman (JW)

Tom Parker (JW)

Liam Burke (FAX)

Brett Mifflin (SG)

Michael Cooper (EC)

Michael Oluban (PB)

Leon Johnson (JW)

Josh Walker (PB)

Miquel Miller (SG/EC)

Jason Reid (KG)

Adrian Daniels (CV)

As U13s

Chris Gibson (JW)

Junior Edwards (WH)

George Khan (PB)

Ryan Briscoe (JW)

Michael Burgess (PB)

Steve Giles (SG)

Matthew Smythe (JW)

Sean Mahon (KING)

Germaine Wynter (EC)

Danny Chaundy (JW)

Simeon Smith

Zeeshan Rehman (HTL)

Ben Roberts (JW)

John Foley (EC)

Nathaniel Williams (HH)

Peter Ricketts (HH)

Chris Gould (BW)

David Higgins (JW)

Greg Cattell (JW)

Henry Mobley (King)

Ryan Welborne (JW)

Gareth Murphy (King) *

Mark Turner (JW)

Spencer Slimm (JW)

Paul Easton (EC)

Liam Gregory (EC)

Andrew Cameron (JW)

Andre Joseph (HH)

Thomas Grey (EC)

Andrew Papageorge (HH)

Stefan Moore (HH)

Andrew Warner (HTL)

Luke McNally (PB)

Stephen Nicholls (H)

Aaron Roberts (King)

David Wilis (BW) *

Luke Salkfield (EC)

Steven Piper (BW)

Byron Spink (BW)

Zeeshan Rehman (DM)

Nathan Semper (SG)

Gareth Carey– Bertram (PB)

David Jarvis (CH)

Corey Malcolm (EC)

Robert Wesley (WH)

Karl Rickets (BW)

Daniel Brown (PB)

Mark Williams (JW)

U14 West Midlands Champions

Manager: Pete Mortiboys

Manager: Phil Jones

Manager: Simon Walker/

Rob Elms / Pete Mortiboys

1996 – 01

1997 – 02

1998 – 03

Clive Carroll (EC)

Daniel Dawson (EC)

Adam Clements (JW)

James Brown (HH)

Andre Francis (WH)

Exodus Geoghan (CH)

Nicholas Heath (PB)

Tom Wilmore (JW)

Ryan Murphy (EC)

Luke Larner (CV)

Terry Carpenter (BW)

Theo Williams (HTL)

Leroy Thomas (King)

Tyronne Coleman (King)

Aaron Smith (EC)

Tom Gibson (JW)

Ryan Butcher (PB)

Chris Packer (PB)

Marcus Brown (PB)

Temugen Sabhuza (PB)

Steve Lees (EC)

Martin George (EC)

Anthony Wager (SG)

Malachi Hoo (EC)

Robbie McGann (BW)

Oliver Piper (BW)

Shiraz Khan (HH)

Tom Jones (JW)

Ian Cox (PB)

Lee Harrison (EC)

Sam Todd (PB)

Tom Harrison (PB)

Dean Giblin (CH)

As U12s

David Weldon (BW)

Lee Downey (EC)

Joe Miley (BW)

Alex O’Connor (BW)

Joseph Smoothy (BW)

Tim Gould (BW)

Issac Croft (King)

Chris Cullin (King)

Ally Bicknall (JW)

Rory Barrowclift (JW)

Luke Moore (HH)

Adam Hughes (HH)

Chris Millard (PB)

Jon Wright (PB)

Russell Davies (BW)

Anthony Shelley (EC)

Ezikial Tomlinson (CH) 

Anton Richards (WH)

Omar Robinson (CH)

Greg Wilkes

Steven Day (JW)

Kyle Patterson (PB)

Nathaniel Hayles (PB)

Michael Fraser (BW)

David Milikan (EC)

Jake Wright (PB)

Dean Bradley (SG)

Dean Miller (JW)

Gareth Grealish (BW)

David Fair (JW)

Robert Badham (HH)

Akil Mirza (HH)

Mathew Outs (PB)

Jon Newton (HTL)

Mark Harden (BW)

Marley Clifton (BW)

Graham Deakin (BW)

Ashley Jackson (JW)

Sam Barton (JW)

Mathew Collier (JW)

Aiden Pindeon (JW)

Daniel Wilmore (JW)

Gavin Day (JW)

Chris Tuft (JW)

Darius Basset (JW)

Chris Bennett (JW)

Gabriel Abonalhor (EC)

Sean Coughlan (PB)

Neil McAnaney (PB)

Anthony Smith (EC)

Dale Newcome (SG)

Leon Jarvis (HH)

Nyron Bailey (HH)

Stuart McNaught (Fax)

Chris Pemberton(Fax)

Mathew Breeze (Fax)

Leroy Williams (CV)

Sam Rose (Fax)

Daniel Lennon (HH)

Chris Walker (BW)

Wayne Rogers (CV)

Michael Harrington (BW)

Randolph Caines (HH)

Adrian O’Shaunessy (EC)

Neil Anancy (PB)

Phil Morris (BW)

Manager : Geoff Green /

Shaun McKenzie

Manager: Lee Jones

Manager: Darren Foreman

1999 – 04

2000 – 05

2001 - 06

As U14s

Anthony Coton (BW)

Tom Tuft (JW)

Daniel Watkins (EC)

Jak Brown (PB)

Mark Roberts (PB)

Phil Walton (PB)

Ben Leeson (SG)

Chris Hughes (King)

Murray Cooney (PB)

Luke Walker (EC)

Sean Allen (SG)

Michael Hawkins (PB)

Nick Wright (JW)

Jordan Stokes (CV)

Kane Hughes(BW)

Tom Brady (BW)

Adam Tippens (BV)

Daniel Jenkins (HH)

Simeon Campbel (HH)

Carl Hughes (PB)

Sean Walton (JW)

Paddy (PB)

Kwaine Nelson (WH)

Simeon Campbell (WH)

U16 Warwickshire Champions

James McKeown (JW)

Miles Weldon (BW)

Glen Harris (HH)

Peter Gould (BW)

Matthew Black (King)

Dave Jones (HH)

Darren Edkins (JW)

Jordan Collins (JW)

Charlie O’Loughlin (BW)

Joe Halsall (BW)

Charlton Davies (BW)

Chris Goalie (PB)

Andrew Crossfield (PB)

Nathaniel Howells (WH)

Joe Ashley (HH)

Ashton Smith (EC)

Liam Burke (PB)

Sean Keeley (EC)

Gavin Rickhuss (CV)

Andre Caines – Powell (CH)

Steve Howard (BV)

James Stark (EC)

Daniel Wood (EC)

Lyndon Weller (King)

Rhys Styche (CV)

Ryan Miller ((JW)

Sean Mann (HH)

U15 West Midlands Champions

Mitchell Cooney (PB)

Curtis Clarke (BW)

Liam Francis (King)

Christian Penn (EC)

Liam Gough (BW)

Michael Hawthorn (BW)

Craig Douglas (King)

Kris Killarney (EC)

Matt Harris (King)

Theo Mullins (EC)

Danny O’Callaghan (King)

Jordan Guest (BW)

Kieran Clarke (PB)

Andrew Keithly (BW)

Anthony Zeban (King)

Nick Williams (JW)

Will Hutt (King)

Christy Brittle (JW)

Daniel Hewitt (WH)

Marcus McClaren (HH)

Robert Evans (HH)

Ben Rollason (PB)

Robert Harrison (HH)

U13 Warwickshire Champions

Manager: Pete Mortiboys

Manager: Shaun McKenzie /

Junior Forbes

Manager: Matt Latham

2002 – 07

2003 – 08

2004 – 09

Tom Cox (King)

Ashley Roberts (WH)

Luke Vernon (WH)

Scott Peacock (King)

Ryan Davies (WH)

Tom O’Connor (BW

Sean Ingram (king)

Tom Shaw (PB)

Daniel Coughlin (PB)

Kyle Parchment (HH)

Josh Edwards (HH)

Louie Johnson (EC)

Matt Cross (CV)

Joe Lovall (CV)

Sean Proffitt (CV)

Scott Peacock (PB)

James Long (PB)

Tom Davis (PB)

Richard Cattell (JW)

Mat Gingston (JW)

Cavanagh Baxter (EC)

Kadim Arshad (WH)

Jammy Lawson (WH)

Curtis Walters (WH)


Liam Flynn (BV)

James Hirst (PB)

Jordan Kellyman (WH)

Ashley Allen (JW)

Ben Richards-Everton(PB)

Anton Maher (FAX)

James Walker (BW)

Ryan Pollard (PB)

Resii Johnson (PB)

Lamar Salmon (CH)

Chris Ward (PB)

Tom Paget (AT)

Shaun Gillon (JW)

Jon Hilton (AT)

David Mott (PB)

Glen Goodwin (BV)

Sam Bennett (PB)

Germaine Evettte (HTL)

Andy Chapman

U13 Warwickshire Champions

U15 Divisional Finalists

Jordan Willars (CV)

Matt Carroll (EC)

Joe Buckle (BW)

Anton Caines Powell (CH)

Sean Ellis (JW)

Jack Hulin (KG)

Douglas Sweeney (BW)

Dwain Edinborough(CV)

Josh Pammenter (AT)

Aaron Forde (KG)

James Smith (WH)

Malachi Farquarson (WH)

Yousef Abubaker (WH)

Leon Weller (KG)

Marvis Mavitubi (HTL)

Kireku Tuffur (EC)

Tristan Dunkley (CH)

Will O'Loughlin (EC)

Joe Pike (EC)

Carl Greenway (KG)

James Buckley (HH)

Peter Bannister (BW)

Todd Evans (JW)

Ryan Williams (KG)

Phil Platt (AT)

U14 Warwickshire Champions

Manager: Darren Foreman /

Steve Hobson

Manager: Mr Scott Saunders/Simon Walker

Manager : Pete Mortiboys

2004 -2010

 2005 - 2011

Jordan Arnett(AT)                                 

Matt Llloyd (JW)

Eliot Bradford (JW)

Jack Austin (PB)

Luke Humpherson (JW)

George Howells(BW)

Sam Elgar (PB)

Joe Ellor (KG)

Tom Hulin (KG)

Ben Parsons (AT)

Danny Hitchman (EC)

Jack Bradford (JW)

James Cosgrave (JW)

Luke Shearer (PB)

Charlie Skip

Luke Cronin (JW)

Keele Richards (HTL)

Kane Gibbons (BW)

Miles Sturridge (CH)

Kieren O'Reilly (BW)

Manager:Tom Westwood /Rich Cowan

Dylan Malpas (AT)

Sam Hornby (FAX) *

Dale Hitcham (CV)

Jamie Eagles (BW)*

Nick Caddy (BW)

Rob Fearn (CV)

Jahmarie Blair (NBC)

Steve Hayles (EC)

Connor Doyle (HH)

 Shakil McDonald (JW)*

Deqwon (NBC)

 Deniko Johnson (HTL)*

Michael Reuben (HTL)

Lewis Taylor (CV)

Jack Melody (AT)

Ryan Gough (AM)

Asha (AM)

Denroy (AM)

Sal (AM)

Manager Liam Burke / Steve Hobson

2006 - 2012


Billy Spink (BW)

Aris Christophorou 

Lewis Allen (JW) 

Jack Ridley (PB)

Mel Joseph (HH)                                

Sam Cartmill (GB)

Steven Quigley (Ham Hall )

James Beresford (AT)

Ryan Perlic (AT) 

Reece Webb (GB)

Phil Davis (FAX) 

Ashley Guest (BV)

Liam Kinsella (BW)

Domonic Oliver (PB) * 

Daniel Greatex (PBeeches)

Adam Spinks (FAX)

Osas Unarhemhen (PBeeches)

Tyler Ward (EC)

Richard Knight (PB)

Aaron ONeil (PB)

Lewis (BW)


    Manager: Mr Scott Saunders

2008 - 2014

Managers: Tom Westwood, Dave Mansar  Rich Cowley

 Jacob Cross (Plantsbrook)

Charlie Hornby (Fairfax)*

Emanuel Bawa (Aston Manor)

 Jacob Roberts (Bishop Walsh)

Matamando Sikwese (North B'ham Academy)

 Donoshane Petersen (North B'ham Academy)

Kyren Hamilton (Great Barr)

 Lloyd Sawyers (Hamstead Hall)

 Adil Shazad (Hodge Hill)

Cairo Brooks Hoo (Handsworth Grammar)

 Shakil Osmani (Handsworth Grammar) 

Darnelle Benjamin (Handsworth Grammar)

Amazu Howell (KEGS Aston)

Jordan Gardiner (Arthur Terry)

Toya Akinoso (Hodge Hill)

Charlie Hacket (Arthur Terry)

Nick Sissons (Fairfax)

Nick Bell (Arthur Terry)

James Townsend (Perry Beeches)

 Paulo Lopez (Cardinal Wiseman)

Raquarn Crosdale (Perry Beeches)

Miguel Cunningham (Perry Beeches)


 Managers: Mr Tom West Wood, Mr Dave Mansar, & Mr Rich Cowley

2010 - 16

Joe Houston (King Edwards Aston)

Tom West (Highclare)

Haydn Deeming (Bishop Walsh)

Aidan Boyce (Bishop Walsh)

Luke McGinnell (Bishop Walsh)

Adil Sohail Akhtar (King Edwards Aston)

Andre Lawrence (John Willlmott)

Shuja Mehmood (Handsworth Grammar)

Jayden Wilkes (King Edwards Aston)

Hassan Abdule (Saltley)

Niall Brennan (Bishop Walsh)

Alphonso Harrison (Saltley)

 Josh Harris (Stockland Green)

Callum Leeney (Bishop Walsh)

Mustafa Jamal (Saltley)

George Dix (Stockland Green)

Managers: Mr Justin Sargant & Scott Saunders

 2007 -2013


Sean Flanagan (EC)

 Antoin Farre (AM)                                  Ben Hurdman (AT)

Remi Bell (KG)

Josh Wilson (AM)

Kieran McConville (EC)

Luke Delaney (GB)*

Declan Sullivan (NBC)

Kane Donald (EC)

Lathi Musa (AM)

Harry Atkins (HH)

Kyle Delaney (FAX)

Shaquille Leachman (NBA)

Kane Blake (HH)

Jordan Ames (KG)

Kieffer Forrester (EC)

Nawshawn Blake (NBA)

Norton Masamba (NBA)

Ali Brauns (NBA)

Manager ; Mr Phil Higby

2009 -2015

Oliver Horne (PB)

Harry Mobbs (JW)

Tom McGillviary (EC)

Kenyjah James (HH)

Joshua McKenzie _ Spence (Ham H)

Sam Lowe (PB)*

Kavan Gosling (EC)

Jaiden Brown (GB )*

Jordan Thompson (GB)*

Prince Kholi (EC)

Dexter Walters (NBA)

Oakley Smith (JW)

Haydn McKenzie (EC)

Anthony Sheehan (CW)

Tyrone Collins (JW)

Marco Zizzi (JW)*

Lewis White (EC)

Reuben Okori (EC)

Josh Bond (EC) 

Peter Weston (EC)

Kieran Briscoe (EC)

Eliot McGill (EC)

Manager: Mr Ste Finnigan

U16 Team Managers: Liam Burke & Ricky Patel


1)  Aidan Jeynes (Arthur Terry)

2)  William West (Fairfax)

3)  Daniel Day (Plantsbrook)

4)  Daniel Hurst (Highclare) Captain

5)  Romario Dudley (John Willmott)

6)  Joe Pemberton (Highclare)

7)  James Small (Bishop Walsh)

8)  Shaquille Rowe(Kingsbury)

9)  Louis Walsh (Bishop Walsh)

10)  Mason Hughes (John Willmott)

11)  Waheed Gul (Washwood Heath)

12)  Ashley Kavanagh (Kingsbury)

13)  Jack Howard (Plantsbrook)

14)  Joe Maguire (Arthur Terry)

15)  Jermaine Edmond ( Great Barr)

16)  Shauvanne Irish (Great Barr)

17) John Daley (Asron Manor)

18) Josiah Parton (Aston Manor)

19) Kye Hymans (John Wilmott) 

20) Nathan Lawrence (Bishop Vesey) 

21) Tom Hale (Arthur Terry) 

22) Callum Styring (Arthur Terry) 

23) Joshua Meade Nine (Plantsbrook) 

U16 English  Schools Divisional Cup Champions

2012-2019 2013-2020

 1.Dermott Mee (Bishop Vesey

2. Flex Johnson (Kingsbury)

3. Kamil Barrett (Perry Beeches)

4. Kai Taylor (Perry Beeches)

5. Jack Lynch (Bishop Walsh)

6. Ethan Pearce (St Edmund Campion)

7. Ramello Mitchell (North Birmingham Academy)

8. Amari  Miller (St Edmund Campion)

9. Ramani Morgan (Plansbrook) 

10. Jack Nation (Arthur Terry)

11. Jake Lamb (ArthurTerry)

12. Michael Brogan (Bishop Walsh )

13. Dejuany  Hall (Perry Beeches)

14. Kaya Archer

15. Luke Bishop (John Willmott )

16. Patrick Andrews (Bishop Vesey)

17. Dillon Hexley (Plantsbrook)

18.Charlie Gibblin ( Bishop Walsh)

 Manager : Scott Saunders

1.   James Pemberton ( Arthur Terry)/ Haydn Griffiths (Arena)

2.   Benjamin David Manton (Plantsbrook)
3.   Rio Cuickshank (Hamstead Hall)
4.   Dylan Share (Perry Beeches)
5.   Josh Roberts (Fairfax)
6.   Demico Burton (Aston Manor)
7.   Jayden Carbado (John Willmott)
8.   Israel Taylor Carlton (Handsworth GS)
9.   Shay McGuigan (Bishop Walsh)
10. Caius Farmer ( Fairfax)
11. Hayden Thomas (Bishop Walsh)
12. CJ Bowron ( Washwood Heath)
13. Robbie Brown ( Plantsbrook)
14. Taylor Hart ( Plantsbrook)
15. Alex Jones ( Arthur Terry )
16. Ishaq Patterson (NBA)

17. Morgan Davage (Bishop Vesey)

18. Sean Reid (North Birmingham Academy)

19. Daniel Olantundun (Handsworth GS)

20 Rohmel Seaton (NBA

21 Kyrell Campbell Gordon (King Soloman)

21, Ramarie Reid Miller (Hamstead Hall)

22. Nathaniel Murrain (NBA)

23 Thierry Simmonds (King Solomon)

24 Theophilus Brown Jacob  (NBA)

25 Zachariah Richards (Great Barr)

26 Aaron Madhar (Hamstead Hall)

27 Kai Graham (Hamstead Hall)

28 Tyler Langley (NBA)

29 Tyrese Nolan (St Edmund Campion)

30 Shilo Waldo (NBA)

31 Jehvarri Green Smith (Stockland Green)

32 Mike Peters Stockland Green

Managers Justin Sargant Andy Byfield & Ben Roberts

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