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Aston, Erdington, Saltley & Sutton Schools' Football Association




1. Confirmation and Venue of Games

The onus is on both schools  to confirm games. Due to schools only playing one another once in the league the the venue  is negotiated between competing schools.

Failure to turn up for a game can result in forfeit of the game.

2. Cancellation of Games

Schools must be informed of any postponement at least two days in advance of the match, unless due to bad weather.

Failure to do so could result in the game being forfeit.

3. Duration of Play – In league and District Cup Matches 

Age Group


Extra Time




Under 12   9V9

2 X 30

2 X 7

Under 13   11 v 11

2 x 35

2 x 7

Under 14   11 v 11

2 x 35

2 x 10

Under 15   11v 11

2 x 35

2 x 10

Under 16   11 v 11

2 x 40

2 x 10

Under 19  11 v 11

2 x 45

2 x 15

4. Size of Ball

U12, U13  U14 size 4

 U15, U16, U19 size 5

5. Size of Team and Substitutes

At U12 level all matches are 9 v 9 with suitable goals . At all other age groups 11 v 11

Any out of five named, at any stage of the game.

Players may be substituted back onto the field of play

6. Misconduct

A report on any incident involving the caution or dismissal of a player should be sent in writing to the Hon. Secretary as soon as possible after the match. The Management Committee will decide on the appropriate action to take to discipline the player.

Any incident not covered explicitly in these rules will be dealt with by the Management Committee at its discretion.

Spectators are the responsibility of the school they attend.

7. Point System

Win 3 pts. Draw 2 pt. Playing Fixture 1pt (from season 2019- 20)

If two teams ‘tie’ for the league on points there will be a play off if time permits otherwise the league is shared  then each team will keep the trophy for six months. (Goal difference will not count in this respect). A team must complete three quarters of it's fixtures to win a league

8. Officials and Venues – For District Finals.

The two finalists in the Aston and Erdington sections are responsible for arranging the final between each other at a venue of their choice and provide suitable officials . Medals and a Trophy will be made available by the Secretary. The champions of each section will then play each other in a final arranged by the Secretary at a suitable venue. Medals will be available for both finalists as well as a trophy for the winning team.

9. Entries for the New Season

These must be in the hands of the  Secretary by the last school day of the April/May Half-Term.

10. Draws for District Cup

The will be done automatically by the web site 

11. Entry Fees

Leagues - £5
District Cups - £2 (To be paid with the entry forms).

£30 Affiliation Fee (Associate members £10:00)

12. Precedence Of Matches

  1. E.S.F.A.
  2. W.M.M.C.S.F.A. Inter-Association.
  3. W.M.M.C.S.F.A. Individual Schools.
  4. B.S.S.F.
  5. Aston Erdington and Saltley District Cups.
  6. League Games.

Players must be released for District matches. If players fail to turn up, this fact must be reported to the executive in writing/email  within 3 days. 

 13. Claiming Games

  League games should  only be claimed in extenuating circumstances during the last two weeks of the Spring Term. No school should enter the result for a claimed game. The responsibility remains with the Secretary.   Schools wishing to claim a game have  to contact the Secretary,stating reasons why with copies of emails / documentation sent , to  prove attempts had been made to play the game, as well as informing the opposition via email, otherwise games would be left unplayed.  All claimed games are to  be entered 1 – 0  by the secretary. For Cup games documentation is necessary before a decision can be made

14. Results

(i) They should be emailed or inputted onto the web site within two weeks in the case of league games, or they may be declared void.

(ii) Cup results should be emailed or inputted onto the web site  within three days after the limit date. Any games not played could  result in both teams being withdrawn, unless an extension has been granted by Executive.

(iii) Venues for league games are decided by opposing schools

(iv) Cup games cannot be accepted as a league result unless there are extenuating circumstances.

(vi) No match score to go past 9 goals

In the case of iv permission needs to be granted by the Secretary.

15. Rearranged Games

These should be rearranged by the schools at their earliest convenience.

16. Trophies

(i) These are the responsibility of the  Secretary.

(ii) Trophies should be signed for and engraved, upon receipt from the  Secretary.

(iii) Trophies must be returned by the February Half-Term to the Secretary.

17. Referees

Must be provided by the home side and be in full kit.

18. Clash of Colours

The home team will change.

Aston Erdington  Saltley & Sutton Schools  Football Association
Code of Conduct
Players Should


  • Make every attempt to develop their ability, techniques and understanding of tactics

  • Set a positive example to others when representing school or district teams

  • Avoid all gamesmanship and time wasting

  • Never use foul or abusive language

  • Accept success and failure, victory and defeat equally and do not over react when a good is scored

  • Treat all team players, opponents, coaches and officials with respect at all time

  • Develop self control and never deliberately foul or provoke an opponent

  • Accept all decisions of the match officials without protest

  • Learn and follow the laws of the game


Team Managers Should
  • Put the well being and safety of players above all other considerations

  • Display high standards of behaviour and appearance and be a good role model for all the players in your care

  • Take responsibility for your supporters and encourage them to display a sportsman like attitude

  • Guide and encourage the players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance

  • Be professional and use acceptable and appropriate language at all times

  • Treat officials with respect and accept all decisions without protest at all times

  • Respect and uphold the Laws of the game and discourage actions and behaviour contrary to the spirit of the laws


Parents and Supporters Should


  • Respect all decisions made by the match officials

  • Avoid coaching players during the game

  • Respect and abide by the managers team selection and decisions

  • Be a good role model by positively supporting teams in every way possible and be generous with praise encouraging all players during games

  • Never use foul, abusive, threatening language towards match officials, team managers or players

  • Never behave in a threatening manner towards match officials, team managers or players

  • Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously

                                         CHILD WELFARE POLICY

The English Schools’ FA is consciously aware of the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for the thousands of young people who play soccer within the family of ESFA.

The English Schools’ FA has consistently sought advice from The Football Association’s Equity Department, and these discussions and the requirements laid down by The FA have formed the basis of the policy that has been developed over a number of years.

To view the policy document go to www.esfa.co.uk/childwelfare


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