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District Representative Team News

For the latest news on WMCSFA leagues, fixtures, results and tables please check<footiemag.net/wmcsfa>

For Divisional cup draws/ results  please check <footiemag.net/bhdsfa>

For Divisional cup draws/ results  please check <footiemag.net/bhdsfa

For National competitions please check <competitions@esfa.co.uk>

Please note the dates of the fixtures in the next two sections. There will be additional friendly fixtures and  cup games. These are provisional dates and will be confirmed on the front home page

All home games are at Washwood Heath. Players should meet by 9:10 and confirm availability with the team manager.

For away fixtures players should confirm transport arrangements as well as availability with team manager

All players should contact their district manager (or me) if there are any problems or they are unable to play.

All players should check web site regularly for team information and fixture dates

 Team Managerís Contact details are as follows:

U12 Managers: Tom Westwood 07834827152

U13 Managers: Liam Burke 07949748460 & Ricki Patel 07789862447

U14 Managers: Justin Sargant 0789909647 & Ben Roberts 07736618557

U16 Managers: Tom Westwood 07834827152 &  Dave Mansar

Squads (Subject to Change)

U12 Team Manager: Tom Westwood : Provisional Squad 

GK- Harvey Watson - Arthur Terry
GK- Gerard Whitty - Bishop Walsh 
Kian Mahal Arthur Terry                                                                                     Ethan Cook - Arthur Terry (Vice Captain)
James Owen - Arthur Terry
Michael McGuigan - Bishop Walsh (Captain)
Will Mitchell - Bishop Walsh
Christopher Purcell - Bishop Walsh
Che Ranger - Erdington Academy
Tiarno Dryden - Erdington Academy 
Jamie Small - Plantsbrook
Thomas Delaney - Plantsbrook
Joe Manton - Plantsbrook
William O'Rourke - Edmund Campion
Allen Sibotsha - Edmund Campion
Yassir Hassan - Aston Manor
Dante Harding - Perry Beeches 2

Emmanuel - Greenwood

West Midlands U12 West Midlands League Champions & Warwickshire Champions 2017

 West Midlands U13 League Champions and Warwickshire Champions & ESFA Divisional Cup Champions 2017

U13 Team Managers: Liam Burke & Ricky Patel 

1. Jack Ashley (Arthur Terry)
2. Gabriel Newey (Arthur Terry)
3. Sam Bakewell (Stockland Green)
4. Josh Franks (Bishop Vesey) cpt
5. Tion Pearce-Copeland (John Willmott)
6. Cameron Penlington  (John Willmott)
7. Oakley Hazel (Stockland Green)
8. Tamiel Barnet-Hall (Stockland Green)
9. Samim Sarvari (John Willmott)
10. Jermain Kigozi (St Edmund Campion)
11. Tom Hurley (Plantsbrook)
12. Coby Checkland (Arthur Terry)
13. Rio Grant (N. B. A.)
14.C. Vincent
15. Kyle Billingham - Belle (John Willmott)
16. Louie Hart  (Plantsbrook)
U14 District Manager: Justin Sargant & Ben Roberts
1. James Pemberton ( Arthur Terry)
2. Benjamin David Manton (Plantsbrook)
3. Rio Cuickshank (Hamstead Hall)
4. Dylan Share (Perry Beeches)
5. Josh Roberts (Fairfax)
6. Denico Burton (Aston Manor)
7. Jayden Carbado (John Willmott)
8. Israel Taylor Carlton (HandsworthGS)
9. SHay McGuigan (Bishop Walsh)
10. Caius Farmer ( Fairfax)
11. Hayden Thomas ( Bishop Walsh)
12. CJ Bowron ( Washwood Heath)
13. Robbie Brown ( Plantsbrook)
14. Taylor Hart ( Plantsbrook)
15. Alex Jones ( Arthur Terry )
16. Ishaq Patterson (Aston Manor)
17. Morgan Savage (Bishop Vesey)
18. Shaun Reid (NBA)                                                                                                          19. Hayden Griffiths 

20. Daniel Olatundun ( Handsworth GS)

U16 District Managers: Tom Westwood & Dave Mansar



1. Alfie Butler (Greenwood)
2. Oyinde Bascombe (Kingsbury)
3. Terry Kellyman (KEGS Aston)
4. Raphael Forster Johnson (KEGS Aston)
5. Joseph Delaney (Arthur Terry)
6. Archie Clark (Plantsbrook)
7. Cassius Whittingham (Greenwood)
8. De Andre Hutchinson (Greenwood)
9. Kyle Nolan (Greenwood)
10. Kelvin  Osheyne  (Kingsbury)
11. Craig Chirata (St Edmund Campion)
12. Alex Parashiv (Hodge Hill)
13. James Taylor (Arthur Terry)
14. Jamie Towers (Bishop Walsh)
15. Stephen Baker (Stockland Green) 
16.Keane Yapp (St Edmund Campion)

17. Jayden Ward (Stockland Green)
18 Sean Devin (Bishop Walsh)

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